Wednesday, May 12


Answers to questions I know you're asking:

Who are you? I am a military spouse, mother of three, urban hippie, a sometimes vegetarian, gardener, marine biologist, author, teacher, inspirational speaker, and occasionally I dance.

Where do you live? On planet Earth. Generally in the United States of America, but not always.

What is APD? APD is audio processing disorder, something similar to audio dyslexia. My oldest daughter spent several years in speech therapy with no diagnosis (or the diagnosis that she didn't want to talk) before a speech therapist in Alabama recognized the signs of APD. With proper, ongoing, treatment she is able to speak clearly 60% of the time, read, and communicate with the rest of the human race.

Do you home school? Only in the summer, to catch the kids up on where I think they should be with science, math, and reading. I think the school system is great for certain things, like learning social skills and how to communicate outside the family. I have yet to meet a school system that teaches as much science as I think children need to know.

Isn't a military flower-child a contradiction in terms? Maybe. I am a peace lover. I am a tree hugger. I want to save the whales. I want to save the sharks. I want my children to see all of the world. But there are days when I think the quickest way to achieve peace might be to smack a few people upside the head and tell their mothers what they've been up to.

Do you really support the military? I support the men and women of the armed forces 110%. They have my admiration, love, and all the support I can give. I support the choices of the elected government of the United States because I believe in free will and democracy. I have the right to vote, so does everyone else. If the majority vote for a leader who does things I don't agree with all the time, that's okay. I will still support them right up until the next election, when I will vote again and hope the majority does a better job of picking a national leader.

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